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First Ever – Lubricated Butterfly Valve

We’d like to let our clients, colleagues and partners know about an extremely exciting development in the world of valves. The world’s first butterfly valve with Sealweld sealant injection capability branded as the SPIRES system. Historically, these valves weren’t considered a good choice for critical applications due to the inability to seal the seats. That’s all changed now. This added feature opens up huge potential for this style of valve. Coupled with a streamlined body shape, easy installation and simple design principles, you can expect to see many of these valves in service in the coming years.

Huge thanks to Saudi Aramco, Severn and our own helmsman, Dean Chisholm for the collaborative research and development on this product. If you’re attending the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary June 10th – 12th, you can see one of these valves for yourself at the Sealweld booth. In the meantime, for more information go to

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