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SealWell-Doers Strike Downtown Calgary

In an effort to give a little something back to our amazing community, our volunteers took to the Drop-In Centre area for a coat drive and bagged lunch program. Tiffany and Sam Woodland, Wendy Coates, Aman Dhaliwal and myself spent a few hours distributing homemade sandwiches, apples, granola bars and hot chocolates to those in need. I was shocked to see how many of these people were carrying backpacks with hard hats attached, brief cases and donning business attire. I got the sense that the majority of this part of our community gets perpetually caught in vicious circles of sporadic employment, high living costs, substance abuse and bad luck in general. We were met with great appreciation by everyone who stopped by and got to see smiles beaming as they walked away with a guaranteed meal and a warm coat. Huge thanks to Tiffany for organizing this program and bringing some love to the needy for Valentine’s Day.

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