Valve Fittings and Adapters

Many of the world's oldest and largest oil & gas fields have exceeded their original planned life expectancy and are seeing new expansions as new technologies are applied to increase production. This is in direct response to increased energy prices; fields that were once considered marginal are now being revitalized.

Sealweld Corporation has been focused for over 40 years on developing products, technologies and procedures to extend the in-service life of large diameter valves in high-pressure pipeline applications. Now these technologies are being applied to valves on wellheads, gathering systems, processing facilities and gas distribution systems with equal success.

Sealweld valve sealants are designed with the ability to achieve a reliable temporary seal in older worn valves. A valve technician's ability to inject an emergency sealant compound is determined by the quality and capability of the fittings installed on the valve.

In an effort to manufacture a cheaper, less expensive valve, many valve manufacturers installed cheap and in some cases, dangerous fitting designs. Now operators are discovering that their ability to avoid a million dollar emergency shut-down is being determined by a $5 valve fitting.

For decades, Sealweld Corporation has been investing in research dedicated to understanding fitting failures. In collaboration with oil & gas producers and pipeline operators and through extensive cooperation with local and international regulatory and administrative bodies, we have designed new valve fittings capable of meeting or exceeding the demands of our rapidly expanding energy industry.

As Valve Technician safety is our primary objective, Sealweld recommends using AISI 316 Stainless Steel as standard material for valve fittings for increased mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.