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Ball Valve Sealant #5050

Sealweld Ball Valve Sealant #5050 provides an insoluble film of lubricant to protect seal faces and reduce torque requirements. Specially processed particles of PTFE will seal scratches to sealing surfaces up to 0.030". Will not harden or plug off conventional giant buttonhead sealant injection fittings. #5050 is ideal for use in natural gas, water, oil, and related by-products. Use in ball, gate and plug valves, orifice fittings, valve stems and seat seals with minor to severe leakage problems. Use at refineries, wellheads, pump or compressor stations and in gas distribution systems. Suitable for crude oil, sour gas, CO2, water/ brine solutions, and refined petroleum product pipelines.

For best results, first inject Sealweld Valve Cleaner Plus, then leave in the valve for 30 - 40 minutes (up to 8 hours for problem valves). Purge the system with Sealweld Total-Lube #911. Inject Ball Valve Sealant #5050 if Total-Lube #911 fails to hold a reliable seal. #5050 is also available in heavier grades for severely leaking valves and emergency valve sealing conditions.

This product is available in a wide range of extra heavy grades with increasing amounts of PTFE. Designed for use by qualified technicians ONLY. Contact Sealweld for consultation prior to application of these products.

Product Specification

10,000 PSI
200 — 250
- 29°C to + 232°C
- 20°F to + 450°F