Leak-Lock Adapters

Sealweld designs and manufactures a broad range of different and specialized valve fitting adapters, our most popular styles are illustrated on the following pages. We have many more different styles and combinations available - too numerous to include in this current publication.

To obtain a quotation just call Sealweld, send us an email, or better yet send us a sample fitting if you’re unsure of what you need.

  • Never remove a valve fitting from a valve under pressure.
  • Some valve fittings, such as combination fittings found in plug valves have additional independent check valves. Always request permission, obtain additional training, and consult the original valve manufacturer.
  • Never stand in front of the valve fitting.
  • Always use a second backup wrench when removing steel caps and when installing adapters.
  • Never take chances with safety. When in doubt - ask.

The fittings and adapters illustrated on the following pages are only a few of the many hundreds of different designs, styles and materials grades we are capable of manufacturing. If you don’t see what you need, just call, fax or email Sealweld.