Sealant Injection Pumps, Tools, and Equipment

Sealweld Sealant Injection Pumps are specifically designed to safely inject viscous sealants into valves operating under pressure. ALWAYS use a high-pressure gauge and learn how to 'read' it. Make sure the hose assembly and all of the components are; rated to the maximum working pressure (MWP) of the pump and are in good working order.

Our pumps have been designed for years of continuous service in demanding field conditions and are preferred by professionals around the world.

The Sealweld SuperGun Pump is the best manual sealant pump in the world and is designed for easy field repair, quick sealant delivery and extremely high injection pressure, if ever required.

The Sealweld Uni-Seal™ and ACTIV-8 pumps use a unique air/ hydraulic motor and direct-push technology to safely inject even the most viscous and heavy sealants quickly and efficiently. We recommend each crew have 2 pumps, one for injecting cleaner and the other for sealant. This eliminates having to empty the pump when changing products and cuts overall maintenance time considerably.

Sealweld can repair all makes of high-pressure sealant injection pumps. We carry a vast inventory of parts and provide instructions for doing your own repairs. Our pump technicians will do repairs and pump repair training at your field location. More details.