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Low-Temperature Lubricant D-1014

Sealweld Low-Temperature Lubricant D-1014 is a proprietary blend of synthetic materials formulated with low-temperature additives. D-1014 significantly reduces torque requirements, counters the extreme drying effects produced by liquefied petroleum gases and lubricates long after other types of lubricants have been washed out. Sealweld Low-Temperature Lubricant D-1014 makes an excellent gear box lubricant. Recommended for use in LPG/ NGL services including propane, butane, ethane, ethylene and related by-products. Ideal for use in ball, gate, plug, wellhead valves and other valves designed to be left offline in extreme climate conditions and must be available for actuation as in the case of pig traps and launchers.

Product Specification

Thin Paste
10,000 PSI
230 — 330
Graphite & PTFE
+ 221°C or + 430°F
- 54°C to + 204°C
- 75°F to + 400°F