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Steam Shield 2000

Sealweld Steam Shield 2000 is a proprietary blend of synthetic ingredients that when combined, exceed the ratings of the components. As a result, Steam Shield 2000 lubricant/ sealant withstands temperatures up to + 398C or + 750F with minimal thermal decomposition.

Steam Shield 2000 provides an insoluble film of synthetic lubricant to protect valve seal faces and reduce torque requirements. Steam Shield 2000 is non-melting and insoluble in water, steam and related by-products. Tested in California and Alberta's steam-enhanced recovery projects as a valve and stuffing box sealant, Steam Shield 2000 demonstrated excellent results. The viscosity of Steam Shield 2000 allows for ease of application using a brush, grease pump or automatic injection equipment.

In cases of extreme valve leakage where regular sealants do not achieve desired results, Sealweld offers a full range of specialty sealants to achieve a reliable temporary seal.

Product Specification

+327°C or +621°F
260 — 340
< 4 microns
- 30°C to + 400°C
- 21°F to + 750°F