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Slick Sticks

Sealweld SLICK STICKS are made of a moldable packing putty with a proprietary blend of PTFE particles which bond to form a durable yet replaceable seal. SLICK STICKS provide maximum sealing and lubricating efficiency when injected into ball, gate, or plug valves, stems, stuffing boxes, pump glands and expansion joints. Can be used in high-pressure and corrosive service, all types of pumps and stuffing boxes and packing glands. Sealweld SLICK STICKS are insoluble in water, oil, sweet or sour natural gas and related by-products. Recommended for use at: refineries, wellheads, pump or compressor stations and in gas distribution systems.

Note: When using SLICK STICKS on centrifugal pumps, the maximum surface speed of the shaft should not exceed1000 feet per minute. i.e. Maximum shaft size and speed is 2.25 inch diameter shaft rotating at 1800 RPM.

Product Specification

- 40°C to + 260°C
- 40°F to + 500°F