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Pack-It Particle Pak

Sealweld Pack-It is a granular multi-purpose self-forming packing made with specially processed PTFE. Sealweld Pack-It compacts to form a rigid but flexible self-sealing packing which will conform to any size or type of shaft, rod or stuffing box. Simple in application and durable in service, this product ends the need for expensive inventories of various sizes of packing rings. Sealweld Pack-It will not decompose, oxidize, or deteriorate and compensates for wear simply by remolding itself when the packing gland is adjusted. May be used as a valve stem packing on all valves, including ball, gate, plug, check, globe, motor and control valves regardless of service. Also used in conjunction with conventional rope packings to extend packing life and eliminate leakage at start-up.

Product Specification

- 240°C to + 250°C - 400°F to + 500°F