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Sealweld takes great pride in our philosophy that knowledge is meant to be shared. This has been the cornerstone of our training division for over 40 years.

Technology Transfer is a two way process. For all the ideas and procedures we provide to our students they return in kind all their ideas and experiences – what works and what doesn’t. Over the past 40 plus years and from proudly training to over 25,000 field technicians we have collected and documented hundreds of effective site specific procedures, ideas and proven methods that work around the problem thus avoiding a shut down.

We can deliver proven and effective valve technician training developed and refined over hundreds of instructor led sessions.

  • Basic Valve Technician Training
  • Repair and Maintenance of High Pressure Grease Guns and Sealant Pumps
  • Valve Actuator Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques