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Sealweld’s Valve Maintenance training is based on OVER 40 years of service experience. We cover ALL manufacturers equipment and can CUSTOMIZE your training to your sites specific requirements.


Topics generally covered in our training program include:

  • Fittings

    Common fittings found on gate, ball and plug valves and how to spot dangerous fittings.

    Their design, functions and how to utilize these fittings when performing valve maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

  • Lubrication Equipment

    Instruction covering the most common equipment used in the gas and oil industry.

    Pump capacities, max discharge pressure and loading techniques if needed.

  • Valve Lubrication Capacities

    How much grease, flush and sealant should be injected when performing annual maintenance.

    How much to use on a problem valve.

  • Injection Pressure

    Students will learn pressure gauge reading techniques and a basic understanding of what effects injection PSI and what is considered too high and too low.

  • Plug Valves

    We will discuss the most common plug valves in the industry, the assemblies, annual maintenance and troubleshooting the most common field problems such as hard to operate plug valves.

  • Ball Valves

    Topics covered include annual maintenance and recommendations on troubleshooting the most common problems found with ball valves such as seat leakage.

    Also specific design features will be discussed using the more common found ball valves found in the industry, Cameron, Grove and Orbit.

  • Gate Valves

    In this session the two most common gate valves will be covered. (Slab and Expanding Gate Valves) also, annual maintenance of gate valves and the troubleshooting operating conditions of a gate valve including stem and seat leaks as well as proper body draining techniques.

  • Classroom Group Session

    Training is received best when classes are kept to a maximum of 12 students. Students are divided into small groups to discuss and workout best repair scenarios given by the instructor. Scenarios will be based on problems and topics discussed during prior sessions.

  • Field Demonstration

    Sealweld utilizes a mobile training trailer in which air is used to simulate gas pressure. Or if weather permits and facilities are available close by, a field demonstration and/or a walk through can be used to reiterate the information covered in the class.

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