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The Sealweld Valve Training and Safety Seminar is a comprehensive training program that teaches operations personnel a safe and effective method of servicing on-line valves. The seminar provides useful information that will prolong valve life.

Session 1

This 3 1/2 hour session, which includes the use of cut-away models of valves, videos slides and actual working models of equipment involved, covers the following topics:

  1. The proper methods of loading, using, and maintenance high pressure hand held grease guns with an emphasis on safety.
  2. How to read a pressure gauge (the "stethoscope" of valve maintenance).
  3. The proper use and care of power operated injection guns.4.Valve Cleaners, lubricants, sealants and packings - their makeup, purpose, and methods of application.
  4. Safety aspects of button head fittings and insert check valves in all types of valves common to pipelines, gas plants, pump and compressor stations.
  5. Identifying dangerous two-piece button head fittings.
  6. Proper amounts of lubricants and frequency of lubrication for all types of valves.
  7. Working parts and lubricant areas of plug, ball and gate valves, presented from the operator and maintenance point of view.
  8. Safe and effective lubrication procedures for all types of valves under pressure, helpful tips that will keep valves in service longer.
  9. Question and answer period.

Session 2 (afternoon session)

This "hands-on" field demonstration takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Often the valves "saved" during this session offset the entire cost of the seminar. The field demonstration also provides an opportunity for field personnel to ask questions which occurred to them after the formal classroom session.

Session 3 (follow up)

On a mutually agreed upon date a Sealweld technician will return to the location to address specific situations with an additional "hands-on" tutoring.

The Sealweld Valve Maintenance and Safety Seminars teaches personnel to save valves, stop fugitive emissions and prevent accidents.

Our instructors are trained valve technicians with extensive field experience which enables them to present the information in practical, easy-to-understand terms.

WE WILL BRING THE SEMINAR TO YOUR SITE and work with problem valves and injection equipment familiar to your operations personnel. No need to go to the expense of sending them to a distant school. Work performed is based on valve manufacturers recommended procedures and can be accomplished by the use of standard maintenance equipment.

The Handbook of Valve Maintenance is available to all participants and is considered a valuable future reference. Check out the new, improved and updated Digital HANDBOOK!

For further information or to book a seminar contact us today. If you would like a colour brochure mailed out to you, drop us a line.